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Some tips

Some tips

It’s a blog eats blog world….well not really…just saying. Millions of recipes are just a click away. We can choose what suits our taste, budget, skills and of course mood. No matter which cuisine or which method of cooking we select measuring the ingredients and temperature control is very critical. I’m just listing few points …. very basic for new cooks/ bakers.

1. Use standard measuring cups and spoons not daily use cutlery.

2. If you don’t have a kitchen scale, use online tools to convert weights in to measures.

3. Scoop out dry ingredients from containers and level using the flat side of a knife . DO NOT tap or shake the measuring cup or spoon. It will cause over measuring.

4. Use clean and transparent measuring jars for liquids. Place on flat surface to take the reading.

5. Sift dry ingredients together for even distribution. It also traps more air for better leavening.

6. Bring ingredients to room temperature.

7. Read the recipe thoroughly ,specially if you are trying something totally new.

8. Prepare pans, tins or trays before you start mixing ingredients.

9. Make sure you have all the ingredients handy.

10. Never forget to preheat the oven if baking.

Lets take a moment and talk about your relationship…with your oven. I have worked with so many different ovens… gas, electric, new, not-so- new, even those without temperature readings marked on them,  and they all behave different. You need to know them to check how accurate are they.

Most recipes don’t suggest which oven rack to use. Medium rack would be the safest bet. If you are baking thin items like cookies and stuff, try top or medium rack. Breads require lower rack. Keep a close eye during baking time. You may need to increase or decrease baking time according to your oven. If food is browning too quickly, cover with aluminum foil. Rotating pans or trays half way during the baking time would ensure even browning and cooking.

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