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Red Velvet-ade

Red Velvet-ade

What time is it? It’s summer time. Clear blue sky, lots of sunshine, bbq, beach, outdoor activities, vacations…All these summer related descriptions sound good and fun and relaxing, right? Ha! Wait till you experience summer in Pakistan. South is already sizzling and central part is warming up, literally. A couple of weeks and we will all be half boiled.

When kids get back from school, they don’t ask, “What’s for lunch?” They ask for a cool and refreshing drink. Lemonade is the most favourite in my house. I don’t think there is a need to write lemonade recipe. It’s lemon juice, sugar, a bit of salt, cold water and ice. Put some “kala namak” and add a real punch. This condiment is a type of rock salt, light pink in colour with a distinguished smell and flavour. Kala means black and this salt is pink!! Very commonly used in South Asia. Buy it in small quantity and store in airtight container as it gets lumpy easily.

Make lemonade according to your taste and mix it with iced tea or fruit juices. Here is an idea….


2/3 cup pomegranate juice, chilled

1/3 cup lemonade, chilled

4-5 thin slices of fresh lemon

few mint leaves

ice as needed


Combine 2-3 lemon slices, mint and lemonade in a blender. Blend for 20-30 seconds. Strain and discard lemon and mint chunks. Mix this strained lemonade with pomegranate juice. Pour in a glass, garnish with lemon slices and mint leaves. Serve cold with ice.

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