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Pina Colada and Pina Colada Popsicles

Pina Colada and Pina Colada Popsicles

“If you like Piña Coladas, getting caught in the rain   If you’re not into yoga, if you have half a brain”

Funny, right? You know this song is in ” The Guardian of the Galaxy ” too. My son couldn’t believe it was an actual song or may be he was surprised that his old mommy knew it existed.

    It is a very common beverage now. You will find it in the menu of at least 99% of restaurants; making an appearance in movies with Hawaiian beach scenes; in our local TV dramas where hero is about to propose, (with some soft, cheesy music in the background); featured in all food related web sites and blogs….. And yes I happily join the bandwagon.

    You can use frozen, canned or fresh pineapple, it is your call. It is quick and easy which makes it a good option for iftar. Like most fruit based beverages, this one will also start to separate so make it right before serving. Always prepare the glass in which the drink is to be served before you start blending and avoid the last minute iftar panic to minimum. Freeze the drink in popsicle molds and be an instant hero of kids!

                                           method: (2-3 servings)

 4 pineapple rings

1 cup sweetened pineapple juice

2/3 cup coconut milk

2 tsp dessicated coconut (optional)

1 cup ice cubes

for garnish:

1 1/2 tbsp dessicated coconut

2-3 pineapple pieces


In a dry frying pan gently toast 1 1/2 tbsp coconut on very low heat; keep stirring until it gets golden in colour. Be careful it can burn real quick. Transfer to a flat plate and let cool. Coat pineapple pieces with toasted coconut and arrange them on glasses as desired.

 In a blender combine pineapple rings, pineapple juice, coconut milk, dessicated coconut (if using) and ice cubes. Blend for a minute. If some chunks of pineapple are remaining, blend for another 10-15 seconds. Pour into glasses and serve ASAP.

  for popsicles:

Pour the prepared pina colada in popsicle mold. Freeze.

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