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Deja vu

Deja vu

My younger three are busy with their finals these days and the new session will begin In Sha Allah in April. Can’t believe a whole year passed just like that! It was a very happening and somewhat exhausting year. One thing after another kinda drained a lot of energy. My husband got hospitalized thrice and eventually went through arthrodesis, some very close relatives passed away, my daughters caught chicken pox, my eldest two sons went abroad for studies.

Yup this is still a food blog and not heenie blogs life and the picture of cupcakes actually belongs here 🙂 I loved the way Phil from Modern Family said, “When life gives you lemonade, make lemons and life be like WHHAATTT!!!!.” So after sharing the outline of events from the past year here is a cupcake….

On my youngest son’s third birthday, I put lollipops on his cake and since then he is in love with the idea. He says he wants lollipop cakes till his 30th birthday! No kidding. He turned 8 last month and when asked what he would like to have on his birthday he was very clear, ” Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing, sprinkles and lollipops.”

This Fudge cupcakes post was the very first recipe of the blog and it is one of the easiest, quickest and yummiest. I frosted them with chocolate frosting, birthday boy sprinkled sprinkles and put lollipops….. Done and done.



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