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Badaam Ka Sharbat ( Almond Drink)

Badaam Ka Sharbat ( Almond Drink)


I got a reminder from a cousin to get Ramadaan’s to-do list ready. There were suggestions like get everything ready for Eid (check), plan menu for sehr and iftaar, prepare yourself physically and spiritually for the Holy month etc. I never plan extra special for Ramadaan as I prefer having regular food and since there are two gluten free members in the house there will be no homemade frozen samosas and rolls this year. In my opinion we should think less about food during this month and focus and direct our energies to get the maximum benefits from the blessed month. May Allah forgive us all, Ameen.

Five years back when we were with the Air Force, we were posted at a small base in a small city. There were draw backs of course but I got to know some amazing ladies by attending a Quran class. Once our hostess served us this cool, refreshing and thirst quenching beverage… Ah! It felt so good in that hot mid morning. After the class we all wanted to know the recipe and she was generous enough to share it with us all. I am still thankful 🙂

It is so easy…so natural…no artificial flavor… no color….no preservatives…. requires only four ingredients (including water!). Perfect for sehr and iftar too. It is like a concentrate you can store in refrigerator and add three tablespoons (or more) to a glass of cold water or milk and sip.

ingredients: (yields about 1 1/2 lit)

250 gm almonds, soaked overnight and blanched

7 cups water

7 cups sugar

15-20 green cardamoms


Put blanched almonds in a blender, add 4 cups of water and blend for about 90 seconds. Pass the liquid through a fine sieve into a big, non reactive pan. Some of the almond bits will be sitting at the bottom of the blender. Discard almond crumbs. Add remaining 3 cups of water to the blender, run it for 10-15 seconds and strain it too. Add sugar and cardamoms to the pot, stir and let it cook on medium low heat. Avoid stirring too much, sugar will dissolve on its own. When the sugar is completely dissolved, about 7-10 minutes, lower the flame a little a let it cook and reduce to a slightly thick mixture, about 10-15 minutes more. It will be thickened like syrup once cooled so don’t overcook. Remove from the heat and let it cool completely. Once cooled strain syrup through a fine sieve and store in a plastic/glass bottle. Keep refrigerated.

Add 3 tbsp (or more according to the desired sweetness) to glass of cold water or milk, stir a little and enjoy 🙂


You can add almond bits to desserts. I sometimes use it to make gluten free cheesecake base (more on it later In Sha Allah)




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