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Being AWOL

Being AWOL

I have not  posted anything on the blog for over a month and before sharing a recipe I would take a little of your time to clarify/justify my absence without leave. The holy month of Ramadan was upon us which directs all our energies towards ibadah (prayers) followed by Eid (obviously!). During Eid holidays we went to Northern area to explore the glorious valleys…..Let some pictures do the talking here.


For girls in Pakistan, Eid is incomplete without henna (mehndi) and bangles (chorriyan).

DSC_0171  On our way….

CSC_0218 lovely boy in the rain….

DSC_0160 I am so curious how in the world this car got there!

soaking in the stream


Photo credits: Moi.

Btw I wasn’t totally off the grid for the past few weeks, I got the opportunity to write my very first guest post for Dinner Delicious and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.



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