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Istanbul Delights

Istanbul Delights

This May I visited Istanbul, spent 8 days there, ate A LOT and walked around 7000 steps daily. Those who have been there know very well that you gotta walk that much to experience the maximum of the place and eating is contagious and mandatory and oh so tempting!  The moment we reached the hotel, the food kept showing up. This was the first cup of Turkish tea I had before checking in…

              And this was my daily breakfast view from the terrace… No kidding….

             The history, the culture, the architecture, beautiful landscapes, perfect weather, calm seas, smooth cruise rides, isolated Prince’s Islands, irresistible food I mean Istanbul is really a tourist dream destination. Ask Google, he knows it all. I am not a food critic nor qualified enough to declare which is the best local/ street food of Istanbul; just sharing what fascinated me the most.

  Being a Pakistani I understand very well the significance of bread. Our meal is incomplete without it and the same goes for Turkish cuisine. This big,puffed up, slightly salty bread is well crusted with onion and sesame seeds and literally melts in your mouth. Tasted so good with pickled olives…

     The famous Egyptian Spice Bazaar has an amazing variety of Turkish delight. I particularly liked the ones with pomegranate and pistachio. If interested in making some, here is the simplest and easiest recipe of Turkish Delight.

            Chocolates! Just can not get enough of them. Absolutely loved this cute mushroom shaped layered chocolates in Spice Bazaar. Apart from regular, there is milk and dark chocolate.

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