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Grow and Glow! A Pictorial Post

Grow and Glow! A Pictorial Post

There used to be a TV commercial about infant cereal with the tag line, “Go, Grow and Glow!” and a nutrition teacher of mine explained it in a perfect way, associating Go with energy which comes from fats and carbohydrates, Grow with protein and Glow with minerals and vitamins. Cool, right! For this particular post grow is for home grown fruits and vegetables that makes you glow 🙂 Green oranges are Malta and orange ones are kinno, our Pakistani variety from the citrus family.

Here I am sharing pictures of what is being growing in my yard. The land is Alhamdulillah available, it is fertile, the gardener knows his job, he is hard working, I don’t need to do much but I get to thank Allah for all His blessings. This cute bulb is a reddish, a must-add-to-winter-salad.

Cauliflowers in my garden aren’t too big but they taste oh so good, get tender within minutes and have such a rich creamy texture.

Chopped fresh fenugreek leaves.

A humble eggplant/brinjal.

Home grown fresh spinach maintain its color even after cooking. Just don’t let Popeye find out about this hidden treasure… Lame? I know 😉

Many Pakistani living abroad miss this gem… Guava.

This particular lemon plant and its neighbor orange tree are my favorites. Both are Alhamdulillah loaded with fruit and literally touching the ground reminding me everyday that one should stay humble, grounded and close to its roots <3

Neighbor …

Changing colors ain’t that bad all the time..

If mango is the king of fruits then pomegranate must be the queen … beauty with a crown! Funny story about this tree is that we noticed it after a rainy session…. we really didn’t know it was right in front of the lawn … a whole tree with fruit on it .. talk about being blind sided. This picture was taken by cell phone the moment we saw it.

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