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Wednesday Wisdom: Tarka

Wednesday Wisdom: Tarka

Daal/lentil is a regular feature of our menus. For each type of daal we have different sets of ingredients for tarka or bhigaar or oil temper. We add these ingredients to heated oil, fry them for a few minutes and pour it over the cooked hot daal/lentils… (Shall I mention that sizzling sound?!) which enhance the flavor of daal.

I learned this 5 ingredients combination from my darling niece and these fabulous five are; zeera, rai dana, methi dana, kalonji and sounf. (white cumin seeds, mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, onion seeds and fennel seeds) Use this combo in equal quantities (a little more or less won’t hurt) as tarka and prepare to be amazed. Seriously. Just be careful as they tend to get burned quickly which can effect the taste.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Wisdom: Tarka”

  • I can already smell that tasty bowl of daal, fumes all around it… rice…. acha’ar (pickles), chopped onions – soaked in water, red chili, salt and lemon….. *Burps*
    Pardon me imagination 😀

    By the way… i always enjoy those small round red chilies – in tarka…. that “putuk” sound they make when you press them and they burst open….
    hmmmmmmm mmmmmmh !!

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