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Wednesday Wisdom: Measure It Right

Wednesday Wisdom: Measure It Right

How frustrating does it get when your cupcakes/cakes become dense? Pancakes not-so-fluffy? Sweetness levels not upto the mark? Usually it happens due to one common error.. Not measuring correctly, specially dry and fine ingredients. Here are few suggestions to help you measure flour perfectly every time:

  • Always use proper measuring cups and spoons.
  • Keep flour in airtight container.
  • Never use a damp or wet spoon to take flour out of the container.
  • Do not store for longer periods of time specially during hot and humid weather.
  • Avoid scooping from the container.
  • With a spoon or fork, fluff the flour in the container first.
  • Using a clean and dry spoon, fill the measuring cup or spoon.
  • Use the correct measuring cup or spoon according to the recipe. Do not risk filling a cup halfway through to measure out half a cup.
  • Never tap or shake the cup to even out.
  • Level the cup using a spatula or flat side of a knife.

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