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Wednesday Wisdom: A Positive Mind

Wednesday Wisdom: A Positive Mind

Have you recently met a person who does not want to drop a few pounds? We all look for easy ways, short cuts that make us slimmer in the shortest amount of time. There are so many weight reducing diets that can do the job but such restricted diets are not at all sustainable which means we gain all the lost weight , may be more, when we stop following a particular diet. What to do then? Having a positive mental approach is way more important than dieting itself. It is never too late to take charge of your food habits and choices. Here are a few points to begin with..

  • Have a positive relation with yourself and food. Remember if you eat unhealthy you are only damaging your body. Food is a nourishment and fuel for your body. Don’t confuse it with comfort like eating anything available when you are sad, anxious or happy.
  • Be mindful. Have a proper meal pattern. Sit and eat. Don’t walk around munching a packet of chips or a doughnut. Even if you are eating chips, sit and eat. Be alert that you are eating.
  • Don’t eat while watching tv or working on computers. Focus on one activity.
  • Engage in non food related activities. Instead of rewarding your kids with candies or a kiddy meal for performing well in school, take them to a park, play catch with them, read a book with them.
  • Ask yourself why are you not comfortable in your skin? Will shedding few pounds make you happy? Why? Or you want to look slimmer for an event?
  • Control the amount you eat. Portion control. Feel free to eat everything but in small amount. You don’t have to eat a whole tub of ice cream to fully enjoy it. 4-5 spoons are enough.

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