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Wednesday Wisdom: Food and Emotions

Wednesday Wisdom: Food and Emotions

No one can deny the significance of food in our lives. It is a necessity for survival and if you think about it everything that we are doing each and every day of our lives is for food. Why do we work? To earn. Where do we mostly spend our earnings? Food of course. Take a moment and think about it from any angle and you will be surprised that at the end of your train of thought there will be food. As long as we treat food as necessity and nourishment it is all good. Problem arises when we go overboard and we start developing different ways of being food dependent. The most common is being emotionally controlled by food. This I briefly mentioned in a previous post and today’s post is like an extention of it. When we feel stressed out, lonely, dejected, unworthy we take solace in food, we find comfort in food, we get this feeling of being in charge and in control of being able to eat what we want to as it is “there” and “available” to sooth us. The same applies when we are excited, happy and overjoyed that we totally get consumed by our emotions and feel that the best way to express our gratitude, appreciation, accomplishment, success and happiness is through food. Let’s go out and celebrate, let’s go for a fancy dinner, throw an over the top party to celebrate any special occasion or milestone. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not advocating not to express your feelings, negative or positive, nor I’m encouraging a robotic lifestyle. Even religiously it is recommended to eat and enjoy halal and pure but not waste or go overboard. All I’m trying to highlight here is not to let go of yourself all the time and feel like every single emotion is food related. Someone says something mean or be rude to you or someone cancel on you which you were really looking forward to should not overwhelm you to find peace and comfort in food. Everyone is tuned differently to deal with emotions in different situations in different manners. It is mostly a personal struggle and preference on how to deal and tackle a particular situation and channeling our reactions in a positive way. Choose to be positive. Choose to respond rather than react. It is not at all easy but not impossible either. Do not let people or situations trigger you and control your actions. Try and train yourself to become a better version of yourself. You will be surprised by your own abilities and strengths. Instead of just having a big slice of cake, have a glass of water, go out for a ten minute walk, try to smile and breathe, help someone out with any small way you can, read a good book, try to engage in an activity that keeps you physically and mentally busy. Life is always difficult. Food is important but not an answer to all emotions.

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