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Wednesday Wisdom: Pre Ramadan Preparation

Wednesday Wisdom: Pre Ramadan Preparation

This featured image is of the interior of Ayasofya/ Hagia Sofia’s dome. This pictured was captured by the post author while visiting Turkey. The calligraphed Ayah is of surah An Nur #35 from the Holy Quran.

  If you have been reading and following my blog (first of all thank you very much! I really appreciate the fact that you do) you might have noticed that I don’t generally write posts about special events and special days, mainly because I do not celebrate such days. Seriously there is so much going on how can you possibly do mothers day, fathers day, Earth day, pancake day…. even for birthdays I just cook what my family asks for, go out for a movie or take them to their favorite activity instead of arranging parties. This is just me and my doing. Everyone is free to do what they enjoy doing and expressing their emotions their way. Ramadan/Ramzan and two eids are different of course being part of our religion. In Sha Allah the Holy month of Ramadan will be here in 10-12 days. In the past four years of blogging I have not put posts regarding this blessed month mainly because everyone has their own way, own schedule, own routine depending on their family requirements plus my personal opinion is to stay focused and engaged in getting the most out of this blessed month, to try to get closer to Allah s.w.t and to seek forgiveness. While we spend maximum time in ibadah we still eat and drink, right? This basic necessity stays with us. I’ll be sharing some suggestions and variations in this regard too In Sha Allah in later posts and today we’ll simply discuss a little about pre Ramadan preparation that would be helpful in time management.

  • Fasting duration will be longer, depending on your location and time between sehr and iftar will be shorter. It is always good to have a realistic mental plan so think about sehr and iftar keeping your family needs in mind.
  • Please do not overburden and overwhelm yourself with meal planning and preparations. Keep things simple and doable. Make a list, do groceries accordingly and well in advance.
  • Get those frozen items ready and in the freezer.
  • Have some homemade chuntneys ( basic green chutney recipe and Mango Chutney recipe were shared a long time ago) and sharbat ready. Badaam Ka Sharbat ( Almond Drink) will be an awesome treat.
  • Save your precious time and energy and do eid shopping before Ramadan begins. Trust me you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor. Think about details, socks, shoes, accessories.
  • Look around and if you feel the need to get some carpets, rugs or curtains washed get it done before the Holy month begins. Weather can be unpredictable anytime plus you’ll be focused more on ibadah.
  • If you have helpers at home, lessen their work for Ramadan and get what’s need to be done before Ramadan. They will be less energetic during fasting and of course they will be off during the last days of Ramadan before eid.

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  • i do not see no image !
    the almond drink – ahh… Sardai as they call it at my pin location… its the only thing that comes close to Doodh key thandi botal (cold milk bottle) as I am not much of a fan of Doodh Pakola/Soda (fizzy drink in milk)

    Dude – gear up !

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