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Wednesday Wisdom: Sandal Ka Sharbat; Product Review

Wednesday Wisdom: Sandal Ka Sharbat; Product Review

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Alhamdulillah! Blessed month of Ramadan has started all over the world. May Allah guide us to the right path, make us better human beings and accept our ibadah Ameen.

This is the first product review on the blog, well there is a first time for everything. Let me clarify that this isn’t a paid advertisement nor it’s a collaboration. I have been buying products from them for the past 4 years and never ever had a single bit of a problem, be it service or the product itself that is why I thought about reviewing and mentioning Organic Box on the blog. So if anyone is looking for organic food supplies with consistent quality Organic Box can be a one stop destination for you. Here is a brief and to the point introduction of what the brand is really about as mentioned on their Facebook page:

REEF’S ORGANIC BOX is not just an online store, we are the PIONEERS of ORGANIC FOOD in PAKISTAN. We have our own farms where we grow. We are offering more than 40 products. We offer fresh produce focusing on the health needs of a common Pakistani living in cities. Our each order is packed with freshness & nature from your local farmer & producer.

I have been buying different products from Organic Box because I prefer organic and local produce. When you are in the periphery of rural area it is much easier to find organic food but when you are in a big city there isn’t much control over such factors. There is a lot that you can create in your kitchen as well yet sometimes you want a little ease and convenience in your life. Absolutely acceptable! This is how I found this brand. Coming back to the featured product… Sandal Sharbat by Organic Box is one of the many traditional and signature drinks of Pakistan. It has its charming golden color and trademark aroma which no one can skip or miss. The fact that there is no artificial color, no alien ingredient and no added preservatives makes it a clear and easy selection. It is a refreshing and thirst quenching beverage, perfect for summer and ideal for sehr or iftar. My boys are big fans of this particular sharbat which of course doesn’t require any thing other than a glass of chilled water. With syrups like this one, you control sweetness level as per taste. I like drinks mildly sweet ( and this is why my kids don’t let me make sharbat for them specially for iftar) so I add lesser amount of sharbat and this brilliant 22 karat gold like color looks oh-so-beautiful. As I say this quite often that our cuisine is so unique in terms of fragrance and this sharbat is another such example. It has a refreshing, smooth and tempting smell which you actually feel while sipping.

Give Organic Box a try, promote local and organic.

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