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Wednesday Wisdom: More About Eid

Wednesday Wisdom: More About Eid

Rise and shine everyone! Done with last minute eid shopping? Don’t wait up if you haven’t. Some of us shop on Chand raat, evening/night before eid when it is announced that moon has been sighted and eid is tomorrow. (Islamic calendar is Lunar) It is the most spectacular night when practically everyone is out shopping … traffic jams, markets all crowded with shoppers, girls getting henna applied on their hand (and sometimes feet too), buying choriyan (glass bangles .. another local festive must have) Call me boring but I prefer planning and  doing things ahead to avoid last minute panic attacks and heart breaks. In the last post, Fusion Vermicelli – 3 Eid Special Recipes ,eid’s special was discussed and now is the time to round off the whole menu. We all have our own eid special dishes, both sweet and savory and I would absolutely love to hear what’s yours. Just adding a few suggestions as a guide to make menu planning easy. Fair warning: Some links and post are from very early blogging days when I was taking food pictures with cell phone camera (which I don’t want to change because that is how my journey began) but everything is tried and tested and taste is not compromised at all.


Starting with drinks which traditionally the first thing we serve our guests. To keep it light and simple there is Badaam Ka Sharbat ( Almond Drink), Thadal/ Sardai Sandal Ka SharbatStrawberry Iced Tea .

Badaam ka Sharbat

Strawberry Iced Tea

For something fancy there is


or Black Forest FrappePeanut Butter Caramel ShakeApple Pie ala mode , Red Velvet-ade

For desi entrée  Karachi Highway Style Wok ChickenNamkeen Gosht ReplicaNamak Mandi Style Dumba Karahi (Lamb Karahi)Shola AfghaniChicken QormaGreen Masala MuttonShinwari Karahi, Chicken in Cashew Sauce,

Shola Afghani

Chicken Qorma

Shinwari Karahi

For sides

Chicken Tarragon Pasta


Afghani Rice

Creamy Chicken Paratha Roll

Potatoes in Tamarind Sauce

Chicken Teriyaki Panini

Pasta with Olives and Mozzarella

Feel free to browse more recipes 🙂


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