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Wednesday Wisdom: Homemade Cake Flour

Wednesday Wisdom: Homemade Cake Flour

If you are in to baking you must have experienced this conflicting situation when a tempting recipe requires an ingredient you don’t have at hand, you feel leaving it out would not be a good idea and eventually drop the intention of trying out that perfect recipe. Buzz kill! While baking cakes there are at least 50% recipes that call for cake flour and most of us usually don’t have it as we mostly use all purpose flour. There is no doubt that texture and appearance of a cake depends on quality of the flour being used and since cake flour is more refined, it yields lighter, fluffier and melt-in-your-mouth kind of cake. Who wouldn’t want that?! But how many flours do we need in the pantry for simple everyday baking? Here is how to make your own cake flour within minutes which you can use directly for the recipe or keep stored in an airtight jar for later use. Following DIY cake flour is for one cup and you can repeat as per required.

What is required

  • measuring cup with 1 cup capacity
  • measuring tablespoon
  • another spoon which doesn’t have to be a measuring spoon
  • a fine sieve/sifter
  • 2 bowls
  • corn flour
  • all purpose flour


  • Add 2 levelled tablespoons of corn flour to the 1 cup capacity measuring cup.
  • Using any spoon add all purpose flour to the measuring cup (in which 2 tbsp. of corn flour has been added) to fill it.

  • Level it with the back of a knife.

  • Transfer it to the bowl.
  • One cup cake flour is ready and if you need more repeat the process.
  • Sift it al least thrice. Don’t skip this step (this is the reason we have 2 bowls!) as sifting will trap air to ensure light and smooth textured cake.
  • Use as required or store in an airtight container for later use.



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