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Wednesday Wisdom: Garlic Paste

Wednesday Wisdom: Garlic Paste

In our desi style of cooking 99% of the dishes require ginger and garlic, usually in paste form and almost all households have a jar of homemade or store bought ginger and garlic paste for convenience. I have spent last two years at a place where I had this opportunity to grow all kinds of fruits and vegetables Alhamdulillah 🙂

Growing food is a whole new experience in its own and made me more appreciative of the blessings around. I barely bought any fresh produce from the market. So when these beautiful organic bulbs were taken off the ground they can be stored for few months without any special equipment but for everyday use I keep a couple of bottles of garlic paste in the refrigerator all the time. Mostly I hear people saying that paste changes color after a week or so but it didn’t happen with me.

here is what I do

  • Peel garlic.
  • Keep it under the fan to make sure that there is no moisture left.
  • For each cup of peeled garlic I add 1/4 cup of regular cooking oil and about 2 tbsp of distilled white vinegar and blend these three ingredients together in a blender till smooth paste is formed. (you might require less oil and vinegar if your blender is powerful, mine isn’t)
  • Transfer this paste to clean and dry glass jars/bottles and refrigerate.
  • Use a clean and dry spoon to scoop out paste.
  • That’s it! In Sha Allah the paste will last for a long time in the refrigerator if you follow these points.. No moisture, no uncleaned spoon, keeping jars tightly closed, refrigerate immediately after each use. Easy peasy.

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