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Psst! Need Ideas For Eid?

Psst! Need Ideas For Eid?

This happens every year, probably every where in the world, when Ramadaan, Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Adha are approaching we divert all our energies towards food… menu planning, pre preparation, collecting and storing ingredients, we look for special dishes and so on. I stand by my opinion over this matter as mentioned in previous posts that we don’t have to go overboard while celebrating such festive days. Most important point remains the same, remembering Allah. Even when we are celebrating eid the spirit and the purpose should not be overlooked.

For Eid ul Fitr mostly sweet dishes or desserts are the focal point where as Eid Ul Adha is all about meat.. be it mutton, lamb or beef. Here are some basic, homemade masala/ spice mix that you can blend together with regular pantry items to add an oomph to your eid dishes. These are all gluten free which saves you from the trouble of reading all the labels before picking one masala packet and of course being homemade these are hygienic and contamination free. You can also share these masala with your family and friends along with the meat you pack/gift them.

Homemade Spice Blends

Special Eid Recipes:

  • Most viewed and searched recipe of the blog remains Namkeen Gosht Replica till date. This is a classic example of less is more. Literally with 5-6 ingredients can create a spectacular dish with minimum cooking time.

  • Try basic Qorma instead of same old curry.

  • Add Shola Afghani to the eid menu for variety in color, texture and ingredients. It is gluten free unlike Haleem.

  • If you are like me and prefer some vegetable inclusion in the menu, Green Masala Mutton is a good option.

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