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Wednesday Wisdom: How To Begin Gluten Free Journey: Stage 3

Wednesday Wisdom: How To Begin Gluten Free Journey: Stage 3

Previously we discussed briefly hypothetical stages of starting gluten free journey:

FYI, as mentioned in other two posts of “How To Begin Gluten Free Journey”, these aren’t scientifically proven or researched based solutions. These are purely my own take on the matter, following the pattern of seven stages of grief, only to help celiac/gluten free community to find some solace in managing such dietary restrictions by suggesting few practical guidelines. If I am of any assistance, in my limited capacity, I will be glad but do remember to always listen to your doctors and follow his advice as they are qualified and trained in their specific field plus patient’s requirements varies, depending on various factors.

Moving on…. While stage 1 and 2 are mostly based on emotions when you just find out about the disease or allergy, you feel like you have been taken off guard, it feels like too much too process, too much to handle, too much to learn, too much to do and the list goes on. Emotions, sadness, anxiety these are all part of life. Feeling down, helpless, depress do not define us a weak. They make us human. Take your time to calm down and while you do this,  modify lifestyle by learning.  Why is learning important:

  •  Being celiac or gluten allergic means no wheat, no gluten at all. So there is an urgent need to dig deep, study and learn about the disease to make practical and informed decisions. As being said over and over again, follow a health professional and learn from reliable sources.
  •  You will be hearing about some “miracle” drug or totka (home remedy) that cures the disease and obviously it is intriguing but just like weight loss, there is no short cut. Something can help in soothing and managing a symptom but there is no cure yet.
  •  Without proper homework and research it would be very difficult to have a proper gluten free diet. As pointed last week, some food contain hidden gluten (like soya sauce) and the only way to identify is to have the basic knowledge.
  •  There is no portion control while going gluten free. You can not have a cheat day or a-little-bite-won’t-hurt. It is not going to be easy but there is no other way either.
  •  Understanding the basic dos and don’ts will also help in identifying any emerging symptom. Some patients might show sensitivity to corn or lactose or added gums while being on gluten free diet.
  •  Be sure to eat healthy. Don’t start stacking candies, cereals, other sweet treats, chips just because you are on a gluten free diet. Such junk food will only pile up calories without any significant nutritional supply.
  •  Once you know your limitations, it will be easier to ask questions whether you are dining out or at a party. You will be more self assured.
  •  Recovery and improvement time span varies so stay focused. Don’t expect instant results and don’t let small set backs take you off the track.

This is going to a be a permanent life style, make it as easy as possible (by consistently having gluten free diet in simplest form) or make it as difficult as you like (like buying unnecessary and expensive imported food items) it is up to you. Just like no one will give you a trophy for creating over the top gluten free food, no one will impose a fine or a tax for making simple food 🙂 Enjoy the journey, don’t race.


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