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Wednesday Wisdom: How To Begin Gluten Free Journey Stage 5

Wednesday Wisdom: How To Begin Gluten Free Journey Stage 5

Quick recap, so far in this series of How To Begin Gluten Free Journey we have covered four stages:

Disclaimer: These stages are not research based and not a certified study. These are my based on my personal experience and what I have seen other families go through when they have to go gluten free. These suggestions and stages are my own thoughts and a simpler breakdown of how to adapt to change.

So in my opinion Stage 5 would be exploring gluten free flour options and what works best according to the requirement. When you search for gluten free flours, you would see different grain, lentil, bean, seed or nut flour as briefly discussed in the last week’s post plus there are gluten free flour blends too. While gluten free flours mean that they are powdered, well grind form of one ingredient, gluten free flour blends are a combination of 2,3 or more gluten free flours in which each flour is added in different proportion. Usually they are labelled as all purpose gluten free flour, gluten free baking mix, gluten free bread flour, gluten free pancake mix and so on. They contain different gluten free flours, sometimes with added xanthan gum and leavening agents. They are designed, tried and tested for specific recipes which are mostly mentioned on the pack. They are a bit pricey too. So it is up to you to choose blends or keep multiple flours and mix them according to the recipe.

My Personal Preference:

I prefer having few gluten free flours in my pantry all the time and I mix them in different proportions depending on the recipe. My sons bring different flour blends of different brands from abroad and I use them miserly and only when I don’t have time to make my own mix. Reason being I have limited supply of such flours and can not afford to waste them in the name of experiment. Frankly, such blends have always turned out perfect in assorted recipes.

Another reason is my lifestyle. I roam around all the time and sometimes one specific brand or flour blend is not available in the vicinity and if I depend on blends only, I won’t be able to recreate a certain dish. Plus a variety of flours give me control over proportion as I can adjust them as I require and give me liberty to experiment. I find keeping different flours cheaper than buying blends.

Gluten Free Flours in My Pantry:

I am a big supporter of local produce and products as they are locally grown and packed and their taste and texture is what we are familiar with. Imported products are expensive of course so buying local stuff is easier on my pocket too. Here is a list of flours that are always in my pantry and I get anxiety and panic attacks if one is missing… no exaggeration at all:

  • Brown Rice Flour
  • White Rice Flour
  • Corn Flour
  • Tapioca Flour
  • Gram Flour
  • Potato Starch
  • Almond Flour

And there is always xanthan gum and gluten free oats.

Gluten Free Flours and Flour Blends in Pakistan:

As I was saying I prefer our national products, here are a few prominent names in gluten free industry of Pakistan.

Please note that I don’t lab test any product. I trust the label and frankly my family never once had a problem with any local gluten free product. In fact, a couple of imported gluten free items did create some digestive issues. So if one thing doesn’t suit you, may be it is because of some ingredient.

Secondly, this isn’t a paid post or collaboration or advertisement. Currently I am NOT affiliated or sponsored by any brand. This blog is not a business nor I earn anything in any form through it. I do what I enjoy doing and would love to be of any assistance to gluten free community in my own small way.

I deeply appreciate the efforts of those who took the initiative of providing quality gluten free products in the country. These pioneers have made things easier for the rest of us and have given us options by providing excellent substitute of imported gluten free flours and products. A big shoutout to them all and if you are looking for affordable gluten free stuff, hopefully you’ll find great relief knowing these option <3

I have not tried all of these brands and I asked for their permission to add their links. Those I wasn’t able to contact, I am mentioning the brand. List is in alphabetical order:

  • Allerfree: I found there facebook page and they provide assorted gluten free flours which are available online. As seen on facebook, seems like they have a bakery/outlet. Since I wasn’t able to get in touch with them I can not say much but I have read good reviews about their service and products.
  • ASMR They provide a variety of gluten free flours and blends that are perfect for our style of cooking. They have xantham gum too which is very pocket friendly. They have gluten free bread crumbs and broast mix for crispy fried chicken. They have an outlet where a variety of gluten free bakery items are freshly served like samosa, naan, pizza, tart, nimko, tea cake, burger bun to name a few. Bonus point: They provide home delivery. YAHOO!
  • Eco Global Foods: They have a vast variety of gluten free flours like brown rice flour, quinoa, gluten free oats, tapioca flour, potato starch, almond flour, coconut flour etc at a very reasonable price. I found these products at different stores but couldn’t find a website. These products are available online via different online shopping services.
  • Homemade Cuisine They also have a dedicated and hygenic gluten free outlet where a variety of products are freshly prepared and baked. Cookies, assorted biscuits, bread, pita bread, chicken patties, burger buns, pizza, doughnuts, cake rusk etc. They prepare customized cakes for their gluten free clients to make their special day extra special. Their customer service is prompt and friendly. Bonus point: TADA! They provide home delivery as well.
  • Syed Diet Flour This was the first gluten free brand that I found 5 years ago. There are many gluten free flours and blends options available under this brand name. Besides flax seed flour, coconut flour, almond flour etc there are many blends of different flours combo for different recipes. They also have gluten free spaghetti, biscuits, porridge, naan khatai. All are boxed items and are available throughout the country. You can order online form their website.

(Featured image is my daughter’s creation <3 )

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