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Wednesday Wisdom: Winter Vibes

Wednesday Wisdom: Winter Vibes

What is your favorite winter thing? Reading a book while sipping a hot cup of tea with nuts? Hanging out with friends at a coffee shop? Baking some seasonal goodies? making special halwa? I would love to just sit in cozy chair with a blanket and my laptop with a permanent “do not disturb” expression on my face and someone bringing me a cup of aromatic Kashmiri Chai every three hours. I can hibernate quite happily for a couple of months in this form. Not all wishes are granted and sometimes you gotta work a bit extra to earn a couple of peaceful hours to yourself. Not a bad deal if you ask me since I don’t mind being in the kitchen I keep few things ready in the fridge or pantry for untimely cravings. Few of my favorites are:

Chocolate Syrup

 This is my absolute favorite syrup to have in my refrigerator any time of the year. Can you believe you need only cocoa powder, sugar and water plus a pinch of salt and a splash of vanilla extract for this rich smooth syrup. Why spend extra cash to buy something you can easily make under twenty minutes? Try it once and you will never be tempted to buy one form a store. Fancy something richer? Try Best Hot Fudge Sauce and upgrade any beverage or dessert.

Caramel Sauce

Not a big fan of chocolate? No problem. Try this Caramel Sauce which is not only great on its own but pairs well with Chocolate Syrup too. Few ingredients and you have a jar/bottle ready in minutes. Dress up any dessert or beverage. For another twist, try 4 Ingredient Salted Caramel too.

Desi Cappuccino

An easy way to have frothy cappuccino within minutes and without a coffee machine or equipment.

Kashmiri Chai

Need I say more? This pretty pink cup speaks for itself <3

Peshawari Green Tea (Qehwa)

Try this traditional style of preparing qehwa/green tea and you’ll be amazed how few simple steps can lift a regular cup of green tea to a whole new level. Perfect after dinner beverage.

Chicken Yakhni

Chicken Yakhni is Urdu word for chicken stock and it works wonders to cure symptoms of flu and cold. Season as you like.

Hot and Sour Soup

Made with Chicken Stock and loaded with vegetables this is perfect winter appetizer/dinner.

Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix (Gluten Free)

A family favorite hot chocolate is always a winner.

A-Maize-ing Oven Roasted Corn

Corn on the cob is a popular snack which can become a meal too. I love oven roasted corn as it does not require attention while roasting. Just toss some corns in the oven and wait a little.

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