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Wednesday Wisdom: How To Begin Gluten Free Journey, Stage 7

Wednesday Wisdom: How To Begin Gluten Free Journey, Stage 7

Today I am concluding this seven part series on “How to Begin Gluten Free Journey”. It is way easier for a person like me to write about a recipe rather than sharing my own personal thoughts and experiences in a relatable and followable way but I certainly enjoyed every bit of it and never knew I would be able to elaborate my ideas and thoughts in lengthy posts. The purpose of splitting one single theme in to seven parts is to assist those who are switching to gluten free lifestyle in the simplest possible way and to provide an outline for practical, sustainable and long term modifications.

A quick recap:

Stage 1 Being Overwhelmed

Stage 2 How To Move Forward 

Stage 3 How To Modify Lifestyle

 Stage 4 Understanding Gluten Free Flours and Blends

Stage 5 Exploring Gluten Flours and Blends

Stage 6 Defining Goals

From being emotional to learning, from learning to understanding, from understanding to practical changes, starting a gluten free may not be very easy but surely can be smooth and progressive once we equip ourselves well with basic knowledge. Gradually this will lead to Stage 7, acceptance and this acceptance gives confidence which makes things easier….

  •  Meal Planning: Once you have solid basic knowledge, planning food on daily basis become a breeze. Be it school or office lunches or get togethers or parties or festive dinners, you know the dos and don’ts.
  • Grocery Shopping: Once menu/meal planning is based on gluten free requirements, your shopping gets easier as you don’t have to read all the labels every time. If there are gluten free aisle, great, you approach that and if there isn’t one, you know exactly where to go and where not to.
  • Planning Ahead: It isn’t easy to bake a gluten free bread every other day so you plan ahead to save time. You keep some basic cutting and chopping in advance. There are some gluten free frozen items in the freezer. You have few things ready for busy weekdays or holidays.
  • Eating out: To be honest this is quite tricky at times but once you know exactly where to go after thorough research, like a dedicated gluten free eatery, it saves time and fuel! You understand the importance of direct communication with the restaurant manager or chef himself to ask precise and clear questions while being assertive of what you are asking.
  • Travelling: Still  challenging for me and my family when we travel because there could be unseen stopovers, not finding what we need, things not being as planned and assumed, fear of cross contamination and the list goes on but such setbacks don’t hold us back. We try to travel smart and take fresh fruits or non perishable gluten free food items along.
  • Less is More: Instead of adding extra pressure on yourself by going overboard with complicated gluten free food, you understand that being safe is far important than being fancy. You try to do the best you can to keep gluten and cross contamination away and keep things simple and convenient.
  • Pace not Race: As mentioned in aprevious post, this is a journey so enjoy the ride and move at your own pace without unnecessary drama and race. There is no trophy nor a finish line. So one you reach the “acceptance” phase of this gluten free journey, you are well aware that you are not competing with anyone. You are doing what you can within your own limits.

( Featured image is from a previous post No Knead Gluten Free Pizza Crust)


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