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Best Of 2019 – Highlights

Best Of 2019 – Highlights

Celebrating new year, making resolutions, setting goals and stuff that is so not me! A year ending a new year starting is just like another day as far as I am concerned and I believe change can happen anytime, new targets can be set and achieved any day and if it coincides with the beginning of another year that is just kismet. I have been thinking about some changes for the blog so I checked the stats for a guideline and assistance and wow! What a pleasant surprise it was!

  • The blog received over 165% more traffic in the year 2019. Thank you very much you guys <3
  • All time most viewed recipe is still Namkeen Gosht Replica .
  • Overall, Pakistani/ desi recipes have been most searched and viewed on the blog.
  • Gluten free recipes are a close runner up. Perfect Gluten Free Roti (pictured) topped the list.
  • My seven part series on How To Begin Gluten Free Journey landed number 3 spot in the most read blog posts list. Honestly, I am a bit overwhelmed because this is a general outline based on my experience being in Pakistan and dealing with celiac and gluten allergy and it was recently shared. Thank you all once again for being a part of this.
  • And then comes “About” page which has been most visited. Can I tell you a secret? This has only few lines about me which I wrote when I started the blog on wordpress, almost four and a half year ago, and I never revisited or updated it but I guess now I have to 🙂

This was a general view of what stats showed for the year 2019 and here is what I learn as a blogger:

(Sunshine Gluten Free Bread)

  • Writing blogs was a completely spontaneous and non serious idea and my only goal was to save recipes online for my own keepsake. Eventually I started enjoying and connecting with bloggers across the world became my favorite part. Their support and encouragement is commendable specially when I shared a post mentioning celiac disease for the first time. I realized people in Pakistan need more help in managing this dietary change and in 2019 I worked more in creating gluten free recipes that my own community could relate to. Who knows the title might become heenie blogs gluten free food…

(Gluten Free Tiramisu)

  • I paid attention to food photography which (hopefully) you can notice. Initially I used to take photos with the phone and later started using a dslr which opened another door of learning. I am not skilled or trained or have any photography skills but I am trying to learn and improve by taking very small steps. It isn’t like picking a camera and start taking pictures any more, there is a lot of thought behind each photo. Usually I have a mental picture of composition which I mostly sketch on paper. Then I prepare the layout, set the table with backdrops, plate setting and props. I have a very limited photography gear but I use each one of it mostly for all photos. Personally I like well lit food photos which focus on food rather than overpowering the scene with unnecessary props and colors. Keep it simple and keep it real that is my philosophy. There is very little editing in my photos which, by the way, is another genre for me to explore and learn.

What is next?

Stay tuned as I planned to do things a little out of my comfort zone and connect with people working to provide gluten free services/products to customers. As I have said many times that my blog isn’t a business nor I earn anything from it. It is my hobby which is becoming a passion and my sole interest is to be helpful and facilitate people with gluten free lifestyle in my own limited capacity for which I am extremely thankful to those who contacted via Face Book and email. I understand it is difficult to tell your story to a complete stranger and yet there are times when we have to reach out. I am honored that many of you trusted me and a big thank you to all. I respect everyone’s privacy. So I plan to expand and reach out to more people. I plan to focus more on naturally gluten free food. I plan to add more traditional, regional, desi recipes from Pakistani cuisine. I plan to learn more about food photography so I can present my creations in a better way. Wish me luck! And feel free to add any suggestions. Have fun, everyone!

One more thing, I would not have been able to do what I do without my family’s support. Each recipe needs to get their approval before being photographed. They are the ones holding diffuser and reflectors for me. They annoy me? Of course! I torture them? Obviously. But they are my prime focus ❤️