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Wednesday Wisdom: Self Care

Wednesday Wisdom: Self Care

Last year I added few posts on weekly Wednesday Wisdom about being positive when it comes to food intake and how food and emotions are interlinked. We need to be mindful of what we are eating and why are we eating to develop and maintain healthy eating habits based on balanced and healthy diet. Once we understand what exactly is a healthy diet, it would become easier to make make right food choices.

Let’s expand this topic and discuss other factors that impact our general health and well being. Keep in mind that taking care of yourself, loving yourself and listening to yourself does not have to turn in to self obsession and self indulgence but it is to make you a better person physically, emotionally and spiritually, to be a responsible and caring human being and to become more helpful more productive member of the society.

  • Be Positive: Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you. Engage in constructive and meaningful discussions and habits. Try to see the best in others and stay positive. Positive thoughts will generate positive actions and results.
  • Sleep Well: In such a competitive world, we often forget to listen to our bodies and undermine the importance of being well rested. Having 6-8 hours sleep at night will rejuvenate the body and soul.
  • Pray: Speaking of soul, let us rebuild our faith in Allah and work towards making it stronger. Wudu, salah and dua all of these will make our bond with our Allah closer and deeper. This is the only way to have inner peace and gives you strength to take on the challenges of life.
  • Eat Healthy: Nourish your soul with good deeds and thoughts and feed your body clean, natural and fresh food. A simple, nutritious home cooked meal that we enjoy with our families is always better than any over priced junk food which is packed with calories and not so-go for our health.
  • Exercise: Being physically active for 15-30 minutes will improve your stamina, tone and strengthen your body and elevates mood as well.
  • Be Confident: A healthy life style, a healthy body and a peceful soul is all you need to have faith in your actions and believe in yourself. Don’t let temporary set backs too seriously. Channelize your energy and resources towards your goal and keep moving forward. Remind yourself, “I love me!”

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