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Wednesday Wisdom: Few Tips To Calm Corona Chaos

Wednesday Wisdom: Few Tips To Calm Corona Chaos

I never had the intention of adding something to the current pandemic emergency because I believe that such issues should be left alone for the qualified people to address but seeing extreme behaviors made me ask questions. Since the outbreak, we are witnessing two completely different take on the matter by general public:

  1. Extreme panic and confusion.
  2. Extreme nonchalant attitude.

In the first case scenario people are actually asking if using chlorine to rinse there mouth with bleach would kill the virus and in second case people are mocking suggested guidelines to stay safe like an American athlete rubbed his hands all over the surface and microphone during a press conference and later tested positive for the corona virus!

So I asked my husband who is a doctor and a healthcare administrator and my brother who is a consultant psychiatrist about such mindsets and they both gave same answers (as all doctors would I suppose!)

  1. Type one reaction is happening because people are following all sorts of information on media/social media without checking facts.
  2. Type two reaction is a state of denial and people are trying to convince themselves that it isn’t serious.

What To Do:

  1. Follow reliable source of information for guidance and precautionary measure, like World Health Organization or if you are in Pakistan checkout the website of National Institute of Health for updates or ask your healthcare provider for written guidelines like one I am sharing which is from a renowned hospital, Muktar A Sheikh Hospital, in Multan.
  2. Precaution is always better so follow the recommended guidelines and make sure you know all the basic information from a reliable and trustworthy source,
  3. Washing hands is very important so do not neglect it. It is recommended to take 20 seconds to wash hands thoroughly, between fingers and rub tips of fingers on palms to clean them and please try not to keep the tap running while doing it to conserve water.
  4. Panic buying and hoarding will only stress you out more. It is fine to have necessities which we usually stack up when we do monthly grocery anyway.
  5. Everyone is already overwhelmed with text messages, memes and videos shared on social media and you must be receiving same message at least 10 times per day so please try to refrain from forwarding each and everything. These chain messages help no one. Strictly focus on reliable source.
  6. Limit news watching to half an hour. Watching and listening to the same thing over an over again will only increase anxiety and panic.
  7. Maintain social distance as recommended by government. This is to help everyone and keep everyone and not some sort of punishment.
  8. If you have children around, teach them by example what to do according to their level of understanding. Remember “Monkey See Monkey Do”. Your kids will follow your actions rather than lectures. If they see you panicking and all worked up, they will absorb and reflect the same pattern under stress. Show them how to responsible citizens, talk to them about the situation to stay safe rather than invoking stress and confusion.
  9. Keep things simple at home. Spend time with each other, create healthy activities and keep social media communication to minimum. Limit screen watching.
  10. Be optimistic. Pray. Be helpful towards others. Tough times are hard to pass by but nothing lasts for long.

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