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Kulfi Popsicles

Kulfi Popsicles

It is that time of the year again when you wish you could live in a fridge, eat something cold, drink chilled beverages and that you don’t have to cook or go outside in this scorching heat. Life ain’t simple my friend. Although we don’t have to go out as much as we used to due to lock down situation… At least a part of the wish has been answered, not in an ideal way to be honest. If I may continue my rant about moving and settling down in a new city which is not going as smooth as I would like and it is directly proportional to my level of comfort in the kitchen. May be it is the pandemic related mind set otherwise I have been living like a gypsy for quite a while and pretty used to the drill.

Moving on to today’s recipe… Kulfi is a traditional frozen dairy dessert or call it a desi popsicle made with sweetened milk and nuts. It is set in a rounder and cylindrical mold, served on a stick or sometimes sliced. This desi ice cream can be made in different flavors but locally and traditionally it is usually kept simple. Full fat milk is infused with green cardamom seeds, sweetened with sugar and chopped almonds and pistachios are added to enhance the flavor and to add more texture to it. Preparation of kulfi mixture involves a little cooking which I dodged this time.

If you are in Pakistan you must be familiar with different types of flavored milk in tetra packs and besides chocolate, strawberry, mango, coffee, there are some flavors that showcase our desi palate. There are flavors like pista badam (pistachio and almonds) and badam zafraan (almond and saffron) which are quite interesting and different and my kids occasionally indulge in these sweetened flavored beverages.

After Ramadaan there are some left over milk boxes which gave me the idea to improvise a little. After all summer is already in full swing and kids are home too and to keep their sudden huger pangs and cravings in check, popsicles is a win win for everyone. Here is what I did. I emptied a couple of flavored milk boxes into a blender with cream and khoya. Khoya is another milk derivative in which milk is heated in wide pan to evaporate moisture. It resembles cottage cheese but since it is treated differently, it has different texture and flavor. Khoya and cream both gives creamier texture to the kulfi. According to google, unsalted ricotta can be a good substitute of khoya. Never tried it though. If you are in Pakistan you can add Barfi, a local mithai, but in a lesser quantity or it might add too much sweetness to the kulfi. I called them Kulfi Popsicles because I used popsicles mold and not traditional kulsi molds. These are extremely simple and quick even kids can make them, if they are to be trusted with running a blender!

Kulfi Popsicles

Kulfi, a traditional dairy ice cream, gets a little make over in this recipe with only three ingredients. A perfect summer treat for everyone that is easy enough for anyone to make.

Course Dessert, Snack
Cuisine Pakistani
Keyword dairy dessert, flavored milk, frozen treat, kids friendly, Kulfi, no cook kulfi, pista kulfi, popsicles, summer treat
Prep Time 10 minutes
Servings 8 popsicles
Author Heenie


  • 400 ml pista badam or badam zafran flavored milk ( see notes for substitute )
  • 200 gm khoya ( or use 120 gm barfi )
  • 200 ml cream
  • 2 tbsp roughly chopped pistachio/ pista, optional


  1. Cut open boxes of flavored milk and pour the milk in to a blender.

  2. Add in koya and cream to the blender.

  3. Cover the blender jug with it's lid.

  4. Turn the blender machine on and blend for 20-30 seconds.

  5. Add in chopped pistachio and run the machine for another 5-10 seconds.

  6. Pour the mixture into popsicle or kulfi molds. Cover and insert the stick.

  7. Freeze for at least 6 hours. Overnight would be ideal.

  8. Serve when completely frozen.

Recipe Notes

This recipe is designed for flavored milk. However, if you do not have flavored milk available you can use regular, full fat milk ( 400 ml) with powdered sugar (about 6-8 tbsp or according to taste ) with 1/8 tsp of green cardamom powder.

Depending on the size and capacity of the popsicle molds, number of popsicles may vary.

2 thoughts on “Kulfi Popsicles”

  • Ahh.. bell of “Imran Special Qulfi”… me going down 2 floors…. running a 100 yards…. that “pop” out of the mold… getting them coat with liquid syrup and coconut… and run back…

    Fast forward to date… I have heard of couple of classic Kulfi points here and i say “yeah what ever… ok next weekend… after this after that” :'(

    Thank you Dude… for bringing the recently ended childhood back

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