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Frozen Hot Chocolate

Frozen Hot Chocolate

The title does fall into oxymoron category, right! But I really find this to represent the drink perfectly so let’s go with that. As a kid I wasn’t fond of milk and my kids are my exact opposite. They all LOVE milk, be it plain, flavored, shaken with pulpy fruit, lassi … everything is acceptable…Chocolate is, obviously, the most favorite one and though upgrading a family favorite isn’t necessary at all but when I found this idea, I was extremely tempted to try. And yes, there are some choices in life that I am very proud of making, definitely including this one. Once you introduce this creamy, rich, chocolate-y goodness to your family you will be making it for ever… You have been warned 🙂

This is a super cool (literally) and fun twist to chocolate milk or chocolate milk shake and does not require fancy ingredients or equipment yet it looks like an ultra special treat. The trick is simple. Frozen chocolate milk. Yup. Simple and doable. All that is required is to pour chocolate milk into ice cube trays and let it freeze. Once frozen solid, blend with more chilled chocolate milk and voila. Make it as thick or as cold as you like by adjusting the proportion of frozen chocolate milk and chilled chocolate milk.

The more frozen milk you add, more slushy like texture you get. Personally, I like to keep the proportion of frozen chocolate milk and chilled chocolate milk as 50-50. I would highly recommend NOT to add regular ice cubes as it would dilute the flavor. On the other hand, I would STRONGLY recommend topping this cold beverage with cream or whipped cream to add more creaminess and smoothness to the chocolate milk. I love the contrasting texture of sprinkles too as you know adding layers of textures to food is something I always try to create and being able to achieve that in a drink is pretty special.

What kind of chocolate milk would be ideal for this? The best quality! You see, a not-so-good-quality will yield a sub par product and I am of the opinion that one should invest in the best to get the best. There are many options of chocolate milk available in the local market so feel free to pick your favorite. They are already sweetened which means we don’t need to add extra sugar to the drink. I used tetra packed chocolate milk boxes that are malt free and gluten free. Another great pick would be using Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix (Gluten Free) to make chocolate milk. This would definitely be more flavorful, more chocolate-y, more creamy and more addictive. After all,

Frozen Hot Chocolate

Beat the heat with this refreshing cold drink that everyone will fall in love with. Don't shy away from cream and sprinkles.

Course Drinks
Keyword chocolate milk shake, chocolate milk slush, frozen hot chocolate, hot chocolate
Prep Time 5 minutes
Servings 2
Author Heenie


  • 300 ml chocolate milk ( to be frozen )
  • 300 ml chocolate milk, chilled
  • whipped cream, as required
  • sprinkles, as required


  1. Fill ice cube tray with 300 ml chocolate milk.

  2. Freeze overnight.

  3. In a blender, pour 300 ml chilled chocolate milk.

  4. Add frozen chocolate milk cubes in the blender.

  5. Run the blender for about 15-25 seconds till the cubes are well mixed and the mixture looks like slush or thick milk shake.

  6. Immediately pour into glasses, top with whipped cream and sprinkles.

  7. Enjoy.

nothing beats homemade.

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