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Wednesday Wisdom: A Kitchen Mishap

Wednesday Wisdom: A Kitchen Mishap

One thing that I have learned during this pandemic is that we have absolutely no control over any thing, no matter how small or big. Plans, goals, targets are only theories and even with a well executed road map, it is not guaranteed that it would take us to the finish line. This is something we all experience throughout life at different levels but since this current situation has put the whole world on stand still, I hope I could deal with set backs a little differently from now on otherwise I am like that ant in “A Bug’s Life” opening scene where it starts panicking when the line gets disrupted. Don’t be so surprised! Most housewives are like this. We set daily goals with a routine and try to adhere to it dearly. There is a method to this madness!!

This is a partial view of my cooking range which is just so shiny that I can not take a picture of it without numerous images reflecting on it’s surface. We bought this beauty six weeks ago when we moved to a new city and house. Some how I was a bit reluctant to switch the oven on mainly due to extremely hot weather. This Sunday my baking addict daughter couldn’t handle the withdrawal effect anymore and decided to make chocolate chip cookies. I joined her venture and made a batch of gluten free chocolate chip cookies. This was happening quite late at night because we thought weather would be better at night. The moment she took the last tray out of the oven and shut the oven door, the timer dial popped out of it’s place and fell on the kitchen floor. Weird! Right? Plus thermostat knob got stuck too at 190 C. My husband tried to turn it off and that plastic knob came off too with all the springs and small pieces but it didn’t turn off.

Gas supply lever is at the back of the oven so there was no way we could move the burning hot oven from it’s place to turn it off and the kitchen was being unbearably hot. It was late at night so no customer service available either. Darn! We didn’t know where the main gas supply for the house was so it took us a while to figure out. Alhamdulillah things were under control and we turned the main gas supply valve off. I couldn’t stop thinking what went wrong? I mean, I have used so many different types of ovens, mostly used and old usually with no thermostat mark on them but never had any trouble using and managing them but this brand new one turned out to a patience tester. Next day the company guy came in the evening to fix it and opened the whole mechanism and told us that the metallic parts for timer and thermostat were faulty so it was a manufacturing defect.

Things happen. Mishaps occur. This time I didn’t think about all the bad things that could have happened, I didn’t regret my decision to bake at that time of the night, I didn’t get all worked up when the guy showed up six hours late, I didn’t ask for a replacement. I was OK that everything turned out to be safe at the end. No, I am not a changed person all of a sudden. I think I was fine not being incharge and in control. Oh and I was telling my daughter while we were making cookie dough that, “Once we start baking again we won’t be able to stop (baking).” Well, I better watch my words next time because oven burner was definitely up for the challenge and refused to turn off 🙂


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