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Wednesday Wisdom:Tips For Picture Perfect Nihari And Kunna

Wednesday Wisdom:Tips For Picture Perfect Nihari And Kunna

The signature appearance of Nihari and Kunna have this beautiful glistening layer of ghee/oil floating over smooth gravy. In fact most of our desi gravies are expected to have a top layer of oil. This is just basic standard for desi gravies. We need to have oil/ghee separated from the masala or gravy and there is no compromise on this. For gravies like Curry, Qorma and even Karahi, the basic pan roasting is the key to achieve that look. Nihari and Kunna are a little different in this regard because they are thickened with fine wheat flour (that is dissolved in water) and while stirring this flour and water mixture into Nihari and Kunna, this beautiful reddish layer of ghee/oil sometimes disappears. This could be quite disappointing as it makes the dish appear not-up-to-the-mark and somewhat unpalatable. Although, oil temper/tarka is added to Nihari to finish off cooking but if that original layer of ghee/oil is missing floating over the top, that would be a bummer for a home cook. Here are few easy peasy tips to nail that look every single time:

  • Add in flour and water mixture once meat is fully tender.
  • Set the flame a little higher while adding flour mix.
  • Keep stirring while adding flour and water.
  • Let it cook uncovered for a few minutes over slightly higher flame.
  • Then cover and simmer for at least 20-30 minutes. This step will ensure that everything is settled down after being well incorporated and then oil will slowly get separated and comes back over the surface.
  • If you still don’t feel confident or comfortable, try skimming or spooning out the oil from the surface BEFORE adding flour and water paste. Pour it back over nihari or kunna once cooked. Stir gently.

Hope this helps and if there are still issues, you know where to find me <3

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