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Around The World

Around The World

There is so much that we all have been missing in our lives since the pandemic started particularly travelling, eating out, visiting loved ones and the list go on. Yes, no doubt there is a lot that has changed and we are not fully adjusted to the new protocols and all we can do is hope for the best and try to be positive in our approach. A while ago I started a tag “around the world in 80 posts” to see how many cuisines and how many countries I could cover in my initial 80 posts on the blog. It was really fun and getting feed back from the people of that country was super cool. Hey! Even if we can not travel to the country we can still have a taste of their food, right?

Afghani Rice

I do remember starting with Afghani pulao/ Kabuli Pulao. It is amazing how similar our cuisines are.

Burmese Khao Suey

This is something I literally grew up with. This dish is very common in Karachi and almost everyone in Karachi have a version of their own.

Egyptian Almond Duqqa

This is so different than anything I have ever made!

Turkish Delight

Before we all got obsessed with everything that is Turkish, this sweet was already a world famous treat.

Russian Chicken Stroganoff with Parsley Pasta

Creamiest pasta sauce with an interesting back story.

Om-Rice (Japanese Rice Omelet)

Still a favorite in my house.

Lebanese Baba Ghanouj

It is so easy to incorporate this dip in our cuisine.

Italian Chocolate-Hazelnut Budino

Along with Tiramisu, pizza and pasta this is another fav of mine from Italy.

Greek Chicken Gyro with Tzatziki Sauce

Greek shawarma in short.

Brazilian inspired Prawn Stew

Such a refreshing way to prepare prawns.

Saudi Ruz Bukhari Bil Dajaj

Finger licking good 🙂

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