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Wednesday Wisdom: Homemade Gluten Free Bread Flour

Wednesday Wisdom: Homemade Gluten Free Bread Flour

There are many options available for gluten free flour blends on web providing easy formulas. Like which gluten free flours to use, what should be the proportion of each flour, how to store, how to use and so on. I, too, have stumbled upon many such home blends that seem pretty doable. Many such suggestions of gluten free flours blend have an ingredient or two that not all of us can find easily like whey protein isolate. Quite frankly such ingredients are expensive as well. Plus I don’t want to be dependent on just one type of blend. I would rather keep assorted flours in the pantry and mix them up as per convenience rather than keeping a premixed blend in a jar. It does sound easy to do but I prefer to have the liberty to play with proportions. The main concern for me remains the same that one formula of a gluten free flour blend won’t suffice for all sorts of recipes. Recently I saw a blend of gluten free flours on Land O Lakes website which is very useful and straightforward. It is basically for bread making and the good thing is that it requires only 3 gluten free flours… Rice Flour, Tapioca Flour and Potato Starch (not potato flour). Here is what you do.. Mix together 2 cups of rice flour, 2/3 cup of potato starch and 1/3 cup of tapioca flour. Mix them together and voila! Simplest and easiest gluten free bread flour blend ever! Xanthan or any other gum is not added to this basic blend but will be added once this blend is used for a bread recipe. A bread recipe will follow soon In Sha Allah. Let us not be hasty.

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