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Wednesday Wisdom: Winter Must Haves

Wednesday Wisdom: Winter Must Haves

Warm up winter with some basic beverages.

My favorite hot beverage is definitely Kashmiri Chai . It is just so beautiful, so delicious, so satisfying and makes you feel refreshed. In my household, this marks the official beginning of winter vibes.

Chai is where home is or home is where chai is if you are a true desi. Give some twist to your regular cuppa with 3 Highway Style Chai Lattes and sip away.


Yakhni is our answer to all cold related symptoms. Tbh it tastes great.

Regardless of age, Hot Chocolate is sure to please everyone.

Kehwa has always been a perfect finish to every meal.

This whipped, frothy, rich and creamy Desi Cappuccino is our cultural and traditional twist to Western cappuccino.




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