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Quick Karahis

Quick Karahis

Who ever designed a karahi or wok deserves a special place in Food Hall of Fame. It is such a convenient pot/ utensil to cook meat plus it is super adorable to serve food. It’s shape ensures heat distribution uniformity and that meat gets maximum and even contact with the heated surface which helps quick and thorough cooking. It works as a single cooking pot that means less dishes to wash… Hallelujah. Many beef, lamb, mutton and chicken dishes are named after this cooking pot. If you are looking for some fabulously finger licking karahi recipes here are top suggestions from the blog.

Shinwari Karahi

Peshawari Charsi Chicken Karahi

Chicken Karahi: Dhaba Style (Wok Chicken: Road-Side Cafe Style)

One Pot Creamy Chicken Karahi (One Pot Creamy Wok Chicken)

ATW: Karachi Highway Style Wok Chicken

Balochi Chicken Karahi

Namak Mandi Style Dumba Karahi (Lamb Karahi)

Karahi Gosht Masala (Wok Chicken Spice Mix)

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