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Winter Sweet Deals

Winter Sweet Deals

Nah! This isn’t about winter sales or anything. It is about seasonal desserts. What is your favorite winter thing? Reading a book while sipping a hot cup of tea with nuts? Hanging out with friends at a coffee shop? Baking some seasonal goodies? making special halwa? I would love to just sit in cozy chair with a blanket and my laptop with a permanent “do not disturb” expression on my face and someone bringing me a cup of aromatic Kashmiri Chai every three hours. I can hibernate quite happily for a couple of months in this form. Sometimes I really wish that somebody would just understand and read my food thoughts and bring that food to me. Am I asking for too much here? Since all wishes aren’t granted I have to cook and reward myself 🙂 This ain’t a bad deal for sure…

Gajrayla / Carrot Kheer / Carrot Pudding

TBH this is the first thing I make when carrots start showing up in the season. Silky smooth and utterly delicious, gajrayla is a must dessert for winter.

Carrot Cupcakes

It may not fall into desi dessert category but this is one of the most delicious cupcakes I have ever came across. These are so moist, so tasty, so soft and so full of flavors that would encourage to keep baking them over and over again.

Gajar Ka Halwa.

Since we are talking about carrots, let us not forget the most favorite winter halwa… Gajjar ka Halwa. This rich and scrumptious halwa is everywhere during winter… home cooked, bakeries, parties and weddings.

Jaggery Rice (Gur Walay Chawal)


Another winter special treat that I just can not get enough of. This recipe and it’s pictures are one of most viewed on my pinterest.


Winter season is wedding season too in Pakistan and this vibrant and colorful rice dessert adds more zest to the festive mood.

Channay Ke Dal Ka Halwa (Split Chickpea Halwa)

I wasn’t really a halwa person until recently and this particular halwa had played an important part in changing my mind about halwa. You gotta try this.

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  • Aint got no sweet tooth – my winters are all about sleeping, coffee, (more justified) paratha and fried eggs, occasional spicy Daikon paratha, loads of fries and nuts with alternate coffee and tea to complete 3L of liquid – And then go out and be The Dragon Warrior

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